Experiments and Playgrounds

CAI Playgrounds provides a versatile multi-user hub for serving AI playgrounds with various runtimes for scheduling.


Streamlined AI Notebook
Management Hub

Efficient Multi-User Support

CAI Notebooks simplifies AI workflows by enabling easy code customization and scheduled runs for collaborative projects.

Essential Features for Experiments

CAI Notebooks offers a multi-user hub with diverse kernels, pre-installed libraries, and seamless scheduling for experiments.


Multi-user Hub


Easy Code Editing


Diverse Kernels


Pre-installed Libraries


Scheduling Capabilities


Versatile Integration

Instant Platform Integration

Directly incorporate platform features into your projects through intuitive code snippets. Seamlessly integrate data from various sources, utilize advanced EDA tools, or trigger Auto HPO processes within are low code environment. Maximize your productivity by accessing the platform's robust features right from your notebook, enhancing your experimentation and optimization capabilities.

Collaborative Development

Facilitate seamless collaboration among team members using Git Actions in CAI Notebooks. Branch, merge, and resolve conflicts with ease. Collaborators can work simultaneously on the same notebook, and Git Actions intelligently manages changes, ensuring a seamless experience. Real-time synchronization and conflict resolution tools lead to faster results.


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