Cost Management

Efficiently manage costs with CAI Platform's resource-adaptive scheduling and intelligent resource allocation for optimal resource utilization while minimizing expenses.


Holistic Cost Insights
Global and Project Level Analytics

Global and Project Level Insights

Gain comprehensive cost overviews at both global and project levels. Empower admins and business users with valuable statistics for informed decisions. Enable fine-grained monitoring of platform activities for precise cost analysis and development.

Cost Optimization and Collaboration
Enhancing Development Efficiency

Development and Training

Exercise control over development and training costs through shared memory and collaborative notebooks. Configure notebook settings to align with cost objectives. Attain precise control over Deep Learning and LLM Serving expenses and licensing constraints.

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Automated Cost Management
Scaling for Efficiency

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Auto-Scaling for Cost Control

Regulate pipeline and storage costs with precision. Utilize auto-scaling and shared GPUs where needed, with flexible admin settings.

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