Generative AI

CAI Platform offers support for all major open-source LLMs, pre-built fine-tuned notebooks, deep integration for code generation, and explainability.


Comprehensive Open-Source
LLM Support

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Support for Open-Source LLMs

All major open-source LLMs, like Llama family, Mistral, Falcon and others, receive continuous support from diverse communities worldwide. This collaborative effort ensures innovation, reliability, and accessibility in natural language processing technologies.

Curated Training Data Repo
Fueling AI Innovation

Data Repository of Curated Training Data

Offers a centralized platform for high-quality datasets tailored for machine learning tasks.These labelled datasets support model training across various domains for faster solutions development and deployment.

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Seamless Integration for
Code Generation and Explainability

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Synergistic Fusion

Seamless integration of code generation and explainability enhances AI development. This deep integration fosters a comprehensive understanding of model behaviour, ensuring transparency and reliability in AI systems.

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