Large language model operations with seamless deployment, monitoring, maintenance and cost management.


Maximizing Performance with

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Streamlined Operations for LLMs

Empower your organization with LLMOps, the cornerstone of efficient large language model deployment and management. From deployment to monitoring, LLMOps ensures optimal performance, scalability, and reliability, driving success in AI-driven initiatives.

LLMs Support

LLMOps module offers auto guardrails ensuring output meets criteria, a chain of verification for fact-checking, and seamless integration with third-party tools with minimal hallucination.


Chain of Verification

  • Reduce Hallucinations with ensemble multiple models with the LLMs to productionize the use cases. Use a chain of verification to fact-check the entire response.
  • Given the discovered inconsistencies (if any), generate a revised response incorporating the verification results.
  • • Generate Baseline Responses
  • • Plan Verifications
  • • Execute Verifications
  • • Generate Final Verified Response

Auto Guardrails

  • A tool for structuring, validating, and ensuring output complies with specified criteria, including format, moderation, and custom validation.
  • This is done through chains built for known tasks such as information extraction, summarisation, translation etc.
  • Each chain experiment's history is saved as an experiment run.

    Connection with Third Party Tooling

    • Support to run LLM chains on any hosted LLM model such as Llama, GPT and more.
    • Also, integration of third-party utilities such as ChromaDB and Langchain, allows you to utilise the best tools currently available for working with LLMs.

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