AI Content Monitoring

Ensure regulatory compliance with CAI's solution, detecting and moderating restricted content in real-time for safe broadcasting.


Content Monitoring

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Ensuring Compliance with Broadcasting Standards

Growing regulatory restrictions on content platforms by regulators have led to the need for close monitoring of every content being telecasted complying with the broadcasting standards. CAI's state-of-the-art content moderation solution helps content publishers wean out any restricted content in real-time.

Content Monitoring Features

AI-powered content monitoring ensures regulatory compliance with broadcasting standards:


Object Detection

Identifies and flags specific elements within multimedia content.


Evaluator Alert Systems

Notifies of compliance issues or potential violations promptly.


Scalable Solutions

Adapts seamlessly to varying content volumes and operational demands.


Dynamic Data Processing for Efficiency

Efficiently manages and updates data for dynamic content moderation needs.


Violence, Explicit Content, and Language Moderation

Filters and blocks inappropriate content based on predefined criteria.


Low Latency Live Streaming Monitoring Support

Ensures real-time compliance checks during live broadcasts.

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