Transactional AI Insights

Our solution integrates classical ML models with large language models to optimize transactional analytics for financial institutions.


Enhancing Customer Experience through
Transactional Data Analytics

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Empowering Financial Institutions with Cutting-Edge Insights

With ever-increasingg digital transactions financial institutions are continuously grappling with the problem of what more can be done with transactions to serve customers better. Our transactional data analytics solution leverages classical ML models and combines them with new-age large language models to derive analytics from every transaction that a customer executes.

Transactional Data Analytics Features

Transactional data analytics offers deep insights into customer behavior, enabling personalized financial services.


Categorization of Transaction Patterns

Analyze spending habits to categorize transactions for better insights.


Credit Underwriting and Loan Pricing

Use transactional data to assess creditworthiness and optimize loan pricing.


Churn Prediction

Identify customers likely to churn using transactional behavior analysis.


Cash Flow Projections

Predict future cash flows based on historical transaction data.


AI Agents for Customer Support

Implement AI-powered agents to enhance customer service efficiency.


Personalized Product Offerings

Recommend tailored financial products based on individual transactional patterns.

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