Finance and Retail Banking

Real-time transaction insights powering the financial industry across various solutions including loan underwriting, credit pricing, treasury management, fraud detection, and anti-money laundering among others.


Impowering Financial Institutions with Comprehensive
Transactional Data Analytics

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Enhancing Financial Services

Leveraging cutting-edge CAI platforms, our solution optimizes transactional data to deliver enhanced customer experiences. From categorizing transaction patterns to AI-driven customer support, CAI Platform revolutionizes financial services with personalized insights and predictive analytics.

Transactional Data Analytics

With ever increasing digital transactions financial institutions are continuously grappling with the problem of what more can be done with transaction to serve customers better. Our transactional data analytics solution leverages classical ML models and combines with new age large language models to derive analytics from every transaction that a customer executes.

Categorization of transaction patterns

Cash flow projections

Credit underwriting and loan pricing

AI agents for customer support

Churn prediction

Personalized product offerings


Fraud Detection Module

Our AI algorithms analyse patterns and anomalies in transaction data to detect potentially fraudulent activities. These models can continuously learn and adapt to new fraud patterns, improving accuracy over time.

Transaction scoring

Fraudulent transactions alert

Anti-money laundering compliances

KYC modules

Document fraud

Restricted entities transactions

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