Translation and Dubbing

CAI utilizes cutting-edge Deep Learning algorithms to seamlessly translate text and videos into multiple languages, ensuring real-time global audience reach.


Translation and Dubbing Solutions

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Enhance Global Communication with Gen-AI Technology

CAI's solution uses Deep Learning algorithms to translate text and videos into languages of your choice. This is effective for enterprises looking for solutions for global audiences where all the information published can reach their customers real-time.

Translation and Dubbing Features

CAI leverages advanced Deep Learning to seamlessly translate text and videos, enabling real-time global communication.


Subtitle Generation

Automatically generate subtitles for multilingual video content.


Speech-to-Text Translation

Convert spoken language into written text in real-time.


Text-to-Speech Translation

Transform written text into spoken language with natural-sounding voices.


Content Summarization

Condense lengthy information into concise summaries.


Global Language Support

Translate across numerous languages for diverse audiences.


Speech-to-Speech Translation

Translate spoken language into another language in real-time conversations.

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