Personalized Discovery

Enhance user satisfaction with personalized content, search, recommendations, targeted marketing, and exclusive luxury sales experiences.


Discovery and Experiences

Tailored Customer Engagement

CAI Retail Platform leverages generative ai, deep learning, natural language processing, and predictive analytics, to transform the way customers discover and interact with products, leading to enhanced personalization, increased customer satisfaction, and improved sales performance online as well as in-store.

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Transforming Retail Search with

Personalized Discovery

Tailored content delivery for individual preferences, enhancing user experience and satisfaction with personalized recommendations.


Personalized Search

Utilize GenAI for personalized search results based on historical data.


Custom Cohorts Creation

Categorize customers into cohorts for targeted personalized marketing campaigns.


Clickstream and ETLs

Capture clickstream data and process with ETLs for analytics insights.


Product to Product Recommendations

Leverage customer data for personalized product recommendations, enhancing conversions.


Up Sell and Cross Sell

Customer data for effective recommendations of complementary or premium products.


Personalized Product Listing Pages

Enhance product listing pages with personalized displays, prioritizing relevant items.


Product Description Generation

Automate the generation of compelling product descriptions for seamless marketing.


Handpicked for User

Craft personalized product collections from customer data for unique shopping experiences.


Luxury Sales

Enhance luxury sales with personalized interactions and exclusive shopping journeys.

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